The possibilities for the use of the public space are endless. With this idea in mind, Egoé presents new collections of street furniture. The collections include basic sets and several ranges of shelters together with new functionality to streets, parks, and squares. You'll recognise them from private gardens. The current catalogue brings public and private space closer together.

Each of the new collections has its own unique shape, material, and colour scheme. All of this can be found in basic pieces such as bins and benches, but also in other pieces such as deck chairs or swivel chairs. There are also functional elements – bike racks, fence posts, signboards, and screens. The entire range is strengthened by multiple lines of steel and wooden shelters.

Basic features of street furniture
The basis of the range is five collections simply marked with the letters A, E, I, O, U. The technical approach to the nomenclature reflects how Egoé works – it honours the industrial design based on the principle of maximum functionality. The most complex collection is the I collection which includes several types of benches, swivel chairs, deck chairs, bins, planters, bike racks. There are all-steel versions and versions combining steel, cast iron and aluminium with wood.

Functional elements focused on details
Fence posts come in two basic shapes for both modern and historic buildings. Steel bike boxes  for secure bike storage in forecourt areas. Signposts with lighting and wall and pillar installation are optional . A versatile wayfinding system. Screens for shielding waste bins. Této větě nerozumím v ČJ?????

Shelters, classrooms, an outdoor exhibition system
Three rows of shelters offer space for a multitude of applications. From typical uses, such as bus stops, covered bike racks or sales stands, to those items of street furniture that are just beginning to make their way into the public space. For example, a modular exhibition and information system that can be quickly installed anywhere. Or outdoor classrooms that can also be used as lecture venues in the park. With all this, Egoé is rewriting the established norms of public space usage.

To be heard in the public space
Public space, i.e. shared spaces, is a topic that Egoé Holding has been dealing with for over 30 years. It is also active in major transport infrastructure projects, designing and manufacturing canopies for bus and railway stations in several European countries. Production is carried out on its own premises in Bílovice. By controlling the entire process from design through production and sales to installation and service, Egoé takes responsibility for the quality of the project in the public space.

What next? Outdoor furniture, housing, and camping
Products for public space and transport infrastructure projects have a counterpart in the Egoé portfolio for the private sector. These include outdoor furniture, a full-fledged housing project with a small footprint, skis or a camping kit that transforms any car into a camping car. There is one thing all the above has in common – the goal to bring the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors. It's all built on the idea that ideas make products.