Classrooms, meeting points or a relaxing space. All that can be found in the school garden thanks to the modular system Leva by Egoe. Remarkable realizations can be found in Bratislava, Šlapanice or Moravský Krumlov. And there are more projects to come!

The creation of the Leva system was driven by the idea of adding another room in the garden or on the terrace. The goal is to preserve the comfort of the interior and mix it with the experience of being outside. One by one, office units for companies, public space units and also units for school were designed. Egoe's references include Tbiliská Primary school in Bratislava, Primary School in Šlapanice in the Brno region or kindergartens in Bělá pod Bezdězem, Moravský Krumlov and Soběšice.

The Leva cubes are made of squared timber and aluminium joints. Any floor plan can be created easily. There are multiple floor and roof types to choose from. Accessories such as tables and desks, drawing boards, climbing walls and wall bars are available. The whole set-up can be completed with outdoor furniture that is also manifactured at the address Bílovice 519. The furniture can be brought separately for use wherever you choose – as it was in Amos Psáry Primary School or Dr. Horák Primary School in Prostějov.