The Leva outdoor furniture system and the Skills children’s skis by Egoé were honoured with the prestigious international iF Product Design Award this year. They succeeded in all evaluated categories. The Czech village of Bílovice, where the head office of Egoé is located, has thus far welcomed almost two dozen worldwide awards.

‘The iF Product Design awards are among the most prestigious awards in its respective category. Both Leva and Skills are well-established products in our portfolio and their recognition by the professional public is yet another confirmation that we are following the right path’, says Richard Vodička from Egoé studio which designed both Leva and Skills.

The iF Product Design Awards have been granted since 1954 and include several categories. The interest on the part of the applicants is enormous, proven by the fact that the jury has to approximately 60 countries. The evaluated criteria are Idea, Function, Form, Differentiation and Impact.   

Leva cubes represent an open modular system which brings the comfort of the interior into the garden or on the terrace. It offers a choice of structural design, materials and accessories, allowing the user to spend quality leisure or active time outdoors. The base consists of a frame with a ground plan measuring 2 165 × 2 165 mm and overall height of 2 400 mm. The number of cubes and the additional equipment can be combined in any desired way.

The Skills children’s skis combine the features of downhill and touring skis. Their little users can thus freely decide whether they want to use the chairlift or go up the hill on their own feet. The colour scheme is graded according to age categories. The graphics of the skis have a practical meaning as it helps the little ones to learn the right technique. The skier for the youngest ones, for example, bears an image of a small frog whose shape of eyes or mouth signals instructions such as ‘hands and body weight forward’ or ‘the frog is smiling, you are doing well’.  

Products by Egoé are created and produced in Bílovice in the Uherské Hradiště region, Czech Republic. They are born from the principle Ideas Make Products, symbolising that the brand is always looking for its own way and unique solutions. The activities of the company are widely diversified. Beside a number of outdoor furniture collections and sports equipment, Egoé also manufactures camper conversion kits and is active in the area of traffic infrastructure.

The ideas and projects carried out by Egoé have received a number of recognitions. iF Product Design Awards also went to the bus station in the town of Nitra, Slovakia, the concept of a catalogue called ‘thought workshop’ and the camper conversion kit Nestbox.

The furniture collections Barka and Moja and the camper conversion kit Nestbox with its accessories were honoured with the Good Design prize. Egoé can also boast several Red Dot and Big See product design awards, the successful participation in the Dezeen Ranking, the London Design Awards competition and Core 77 Design Awards.