Principle ECO 2.0

Principle ECO 2.0

Ecological and economical at the same time

In all phases, from the development through the choice of materials and technological processes up to the logistics, sustainability is the crucial factor for us.

We try to minimise the negative impact on the environment, while at the same time not jeopardizing the stability of the company. The ecological and economical aspects must be considered simultaneously. This is what we call ECO 2.0.

Thermization line

Thermization line

The line for thermal modification on the premises of Egoé was commissioned in February 2022 and has a capacity of ten square metres. The most common wood types for processing are ash, pine, larch and spruce. The wood is heated at temperatures between 170 to 220 °C, with vacuum, steam and water being used during the process. Thus, we can reduce the consumption of tropical wood and the carbon footprint of our final products.

Tons of oxide emissions saved

Cars and handling vehicles run on compressed natural gas instead of oil and plug-in hybrids. In addition, there is a company filling station and the first public charging station in the region. Our company fleet has many vehicles which run on alternative fuels. We have been buying them for many years. Thus, we save 13,500 kg CO2 and 152,000 kg NOx every year.

We retain and don’t let go

Water doesn’t have it easy with us. Who knows, it might want to go elsewhere. But it is not possible. On the company premises in Bílovice 519, its service will be long. Especially regarding rainwater falling on our roofs and hard surfaces. Instead of the sewage system, it is directed to our pond. It fulfils three functions. Firstly, it makes our premises nicer. Secondly, we use it to water our fruit tree orchard. And thirdly, it is the main source of fire water.

White Carpathians and Angola.
We are not thrifty when it comes to planting

The salvage logging in the Czech White Carpathians mountains left a two-hectare bald area. We bought it and gradually planted 14,000 new trees there. And keep taking care of the new growing forest. Planting trees has a deeper meaning in our case. We planted more than 3,000 of them in Angola, Africa. Our premises in Bílovice boasts an orchard. We work with wood and are settling the score by these efforts. In a nutshell, a tree for a tree.

When scrap makes sense

Construction sets, play elements, educational games. These all can be created from a pile of scrap wood. What is needed is the right idea and the will to use everything. Didawood is what we call this meaningful project. However, didawood is not only about our wood or scrap wood. We have managed to persuade other companies to join us. They deliver for example cardboard waste or textiles which we use for packaging or accessories. Circular economy in practice.



When black is actually green

Old tyres instead of gravel and cement

Noise barriers. Hundreds of kilometres along highways, roads and railways. Made mostly from concrete. And in between, shining black or grey sections. By Egoé. From old tyres. And PET bottles as well. The noise barrier noba is actually green. The basic material for its production are products at the end of their lifespan – used tyres. Instead of being stored at a dump or burned, they gain a second life.

Ingredients? Five tyres plus five PET bottles

The absorption panels for the noba noise barrier are made from recycled rubber. For the production of one square metre, five personal car tyres are needed. Where the noise barrier features a final layer of textile, additional five 1,4 litre PET bottles were used during the production.

Noise barrier noba as an example of a circular economy

Road noise barriers are mostly made from concrete elements. The basic raw materials, cement and gravel, are not renewable sources and the production of the noise barrier consumes much energy. Noba, on the contrary, uses waste products and extends their usage life. The whole system consists mostly of recycled materials which can be recycled again once the lifespan of the barrier reaches its end.