… of a valley, into the tree crowns, of the hill in front of you, of a picturesque group of prefab blocks of flats. Picked with love, visited often in search of solitude. There is no viewing tower here, nor a pub not even a high seat. We're grown up now so we need to stop hoarding them and start sharing these magical places. With love.

A good view is like peanut puffs, you never have enough.

Out of the mid-wood's twilight, into the meadow's dawn and what do you see there but our humble chair! Dragged here by our selfless and adventurous designer Dan Golík. He wants to explore his own physical limitations but above all, he wants to bring you a chair. Thus far we have always been quite happy sitting on a piece of turf but that's not good enough for you, our guests. We just really wish you were here. Being outside is good, we believe. Quite fanatically, in fact, and it all started so  innocently: once upon a time we needed a little stool to put in our garden. We wanted a nice one, pleasing to the eye, so we had to make it ourselves. Then a friend wanted it, and a friend's friend. Well, here we are, making outdoor furniture for the past 10+ years. We also have an area behind our office building where we test new prototypes, and we test them fiercely by … erm … just sitting there. The view of a field is quite top-notch, too. But we became restless. We wanted to see other fields, too. It's a bit like peanut puffs, they never get boring and you never have enough.

In the company we are all proud owners of a nice collection of our own inconspicuous and unexpected vistas. Dan pretends to be interested in exploring the nature spots we take him to and furnishing them with comfy sitting but in fact he explores us: who are we and what draws us to our vistas. With Míša, a textile designer and photographer, they document their quests in their travel diary. Delve into it, pick the nearest vista and out you go, see for yourself!

#1 Pod Dubem, Huslenky

Location: 73QV+GM Huslenky

#2 Strážná hůrka, Velká nad Veličkou

#3 Děvín, Pálava

Location: VMC2+2R Pavlov

#4 Zbojník, Buchlovice

#5 Pastva pro oči, Krkonoše

#6 Na Babě, Křivoklát

#7 Berounka

#8 Horečky

Location | WEST position: G5VQ+F8 Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
Location | EAST position: G5VQ+G4 Trojanovice

#9 Homolák

Location: W32R+RP Měňany

#10 Mažarná