About us

About us

Egoé life is a collection of outdoor furniture for use in homes, cafe and restaurant gardens, and outdoor offices.

It's natural to be outside. Just like it feels good to come back indoors, so it feels good to go outside, whether to the terrace, the garden or beyond.

Only an outdoor environment can break through our inner and outer barriers, and spark a renewal of our minds and bodies. For this reason, we have to leave our comfort zone and seek experience.

This is the philosophy of Egoé. We want our products to enrich the lives of those those who just have to be outdoors. For the garden, there's Egoé life outdoor furniture; for the road, there's the Egoé nest camping installation; and for a whole range of other outdoor leisure activities, there's Egoé move. No matter the season, we want you to feel at home, outside.

We are Egoé - specialists of life outdoors.

How it all began

One summer long, long ago, a group of friends and designers from the Czech company mmcité tried to find some outdoor furniture for their gardens and terraces. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not find the right combination of quality and innovation. The furniture available was, quite frankly, just a bit lame.

Fortunately, however, the folks from mmcité had experience in designing and producing urban furniture, so they decided to start their own brand. The goal was not to design something exclusive, but to create a modest and refined collection that's in harmony with its surroundings. Egoé was thus born.


What we're all about

Every Egoé product is made to be a natural part of its environment. Our top priorities are utility and quality, and our design is informed by our experience with urban furniture. This not only means that we know how to pick the right materials, but that we know how to integrate furniture with its environment for better enjoyment of the outdoors.

Thanks to over 25 years of experience, we are not afraid to break the taboo. We like new shapes, angles and combinations. Who needs outdoor furniture to be light? Only producers who recommend you cover it every time it rains. Egoé's robust and honest-to-goodness furniture can be used anywhere you want, all year round.

Be in, go out

Be in, go out

One summer long, long ago, a group of friends and designers from the Czech company mmcité tried to find some outdoor furniture for their gardens and terraces.

Sustainability, right here at home

Every item is made at our production complex in Bílovice using high-quality materials – no intermediate goods from the Far East. Our processes are optimized for quality, and the result is a collection that can last. In other words, you can proudly hand our tables down to your children, together with all the memories around them.

We also have our very own design studio, Egoé studio. While most manufacturers rely on external designers, the vast majority of our ideas come from under our own roof. This lets us think harder about every detail, and move faster from design to prototype. Before you know it, our products are where they belong – outside.

What we are working on

When we look around us, we can't help but notice that people want to feel just as good outside as they do in their homes – comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, at peace. Wouldn't you want to have an office under the pergola? Or a living room under the stars? We sure did. That's why we decided to focus on development and production of comfortable and soft outdoor seating.

Not only is it comfy, but it's made to survive any kind of weather. We use textiles that are UV-stable, and resistant to the elements. However, if water does happen to get into the upholstery, its Dryfeel outdoor foam has an open cell structure that allows water to flow out. This protects against bacteria and mold, and promotes air flow for faster drying.