A house? A Cottage?
No, simply Ulita.

A solution for those who don't see construction as a goal

Housing tested at every step and at every move, for every single need. The creator of Ulita has spent three years living in Ulita - as one of us, as client zero. He double-checked every aspect on his own and was satisfied only after being sure of its functionality, size and lay-out. Forget the manuals, Ulita's ergonomics was tested and defined by a fully-fledged occupant who later was joined in his nest by another. Nothing is placed at random. This is where they lived, redrawing and re-assembling over and over again until everything was in the right spot. Our own real experiences are behind everything. Only after everything is optimal, do we pass it on.

How to live smart and minimalistic without giving up what a proper home has to offer? The answer is Ulita. It is not a house. It is not a cottage. It is a whole new category. Twenty five square metres provide everything you need. You can place it on any plot of land. And in a few years you can move wherever you like. 25 square metres – the new coefficient of freedom.

“I have spent my entire life in different flats, so moving into a house with garden is a win for me. How do I describe something that seems perfectly normal to me today? “

Everything fits. Integrated furniture that doesn't get in the way. Built-in appliances you are used to. Multiple levels of floors, dozens of storage places. Everything is just so. That doesn't mean that Ulita can't adapt to your needs. You crave some privacy? Just go upstairs. Tuck yourself behind the bulkhead. Or simply go into the garden, make yourself comfortable, put your feet up in the air. As high as you can and even higher.

“Everybody who comes over is surprised by the amount of space and light. You can see outside from every corner of Ulita. There is no feeling of claustrophobia. “

Starting at €99 000,-. This is the price for the freedom giving space. Not only when living, but also when buying.

You buy things knowing their price is less than the value of the comfort you get for it. Starting at only €99 000,-  you can get a roof over your head. At the same time, it is not a burden that would pin you down in one place. Ulita offers the freedom to move on to the next destination anytime. You gain a house of your own for about a third the price you would pay for a traditional house with foundations and without decades of commitment. That value cannot be bought with money.

“We are pretty active people, so the sun is chasing us out of Ulita. We also have flowerbeds everywhere. The only time I regret that the house isn't bigger is when I'm weeding the strawberry patch. Because that would downsize it.“

Ideas Make Products. That is the claim of Egoé - and it fits Ulita like a glove. There was an idea at the beginning - just like with the camping conversion kit, outdoor furniture or the Leva system. We weren't looking for a gap in the market. We were looking for an authentic solution to our own needs. We found it and today we are here to offer it to you, too. Ulita is produced under the Egoé brand at our factory in Bílovice. Ulita can be delivered to a chosen destination in two parts. They would be assembled together, equipment included. Just show us the right spot and then unpack your bags.

“When everything was bothering me, I secretly drew a tiny house I would hide in. “


Ulita and its equipment


“Ulita will make you return things to where they belong, therefore you will keep the place tidy with minimal effort and that is brilliant.“

Where is the washing machine? It is in there. You can't see it at first sight as it is built into the wall between the bathroom and the dining room. There is also a ceiling-mounted drying rack. Don't you worry about the dampness, that is what the heat recovery ventilation is for.

“I didn't have to throw away a single thing after we moved in. Floor space doesn't give you living space, because you'll fill any space anyway.“

Fewer metres don't mean fewer demands. You don't move here, you simply walk in and live. Welcome to Ulita.