Ulita and its equipment

Ulita and its equipment

The following equipment is already included in the base price of the Ulita

Price: €85 000,-

Construction and interior

  • complete skeleton made of wooden panels
  • thermal insulation
  • waterproof insulation (roof, floor and facade)
  • facade wood cladding including supporting grid
  • awning over the entrance door
  • interior wooden load-bearing wall
  • ceiling above the bathroom and the room including the glass part above the   bathroom
  • interior bathroom door
  • sliding room door
  • height-graded floor construction
  • flooring material
  • painting of interior wall surfaces, ceilings and floor parts


  • entrance kitchen and room door
  • fixed frameless windows in the kitchen
  • fixed frameless window in the room
  • fixed frameless roof skylight


  • kitchen unit
  • multifunctional cupboard
  • dining storage bench
  • simple table
  • cabinets and shelves alongside the sleeping area in elevated sleeping niches
  • rising steps to the niche
  • bulit-in fooor storage space including a drawer under the bathroom door
  • upholstered dining bench
  • bathroom cabined above the sink
  • storage space by the toilet

Technical equipment

  • Heating and cooling in Ulita is provided by an air/air heat pump with an indoor unit hidden in the dining room ceiling and integrated slotted exhausts. The external heat pump unit is located on the roof above the kitchen.
  • A heat recovery unit hidden in the ceiling of the dining room provides fresh air supply and removes the "worn air" outside, transferring part of the heat or cold to the newly supplied fresh air
  • Heating of non-potable water is provided by an electric boiler
  • Complete water and waste distribution system and toilet flush cistern
  • Electrical wiring including switchboard, sockets and switches
  • Complete LED lighting system

Electrical appliances and furnishings

  • fridge
  • two zone hob
  • kitchen sink and taps
  • bathroom sink and taps
  • shower base, shower door and shower taps
  • toilet

Transport and assembly

  • Preparation of the modules for transport, their weatherproofing and loading at the production plant
  • Unloading of the modules by crane and placing them on the base
  • Connecting the modules into a functional unit
  • Assembly of the interior
  • Connecting to the underground services (prepared by the customer)
Optional equipment options

Optional equipment options

Optional equipment

Construction and exterior

  • combined roof skylight - partially openable for ventilation and possible exit to the roof
  • fully openable roof skylight (electrically operated) for ventilation and possible exit to the roof
  • electrically operated anti-insect net in the skylight, also serving as interior roller blind
  • electrically operated built-in exterior roller blinders
  • built-in manually operated anti-insect net in the entrance door
  • roof terace
  • step by the entrance
  • outside drying rack


  • dining table with a drawer, shelf and built-in ironing board
  • Murphy style chairs in the dining room
  • mattresses in elevated sleeping niche
  • bathroom mirror
  • recessed shower hose reel holder
  • magnetic knife holder
  • clock
  • retractable multifunctional wardrobe rack
  • additional storage shelves

Room interior

  • lower bed
  • upper bed
  • mattress
  • drawers under the lower bed
  • cabinets above the lower bed
  • retractable beds
  • desk
  • Murphy style chairs
  • drawing board
  • drying rack

Technical equipment of the building

  • 5L kitchen sink boiler
  • lightning conductor
  • anti-freeze garden hose valve

Electrical appliances and furnishings

  • vacuum cleaner
  • washing machine
  • dishwasher
  • combi oven
  • TV
  • coffee machine