A forest bunker, a cottage for elves or maybe a tree house. A tent. We long to be outdoors yet sheltered - you do and we do. And we are designers and manufacturers, so ... let us introduce you to our Leva. As the most sophisticated bunker prototype, Leva is highly variable. It is a modular system consisting of a basic cube and accessories.

Right in your private back yard or out on the terrace, it allows you to create a children's playroom, complete with climbing wall or blackboard.

Or an outdoor daybed for the whole family: using a suspended bed, which is, of course, like all of Leva’s textile elements, intended for outdoor use and thus highly resistant.

Leva can actually be a kind pergola used for outdoor festivals and barbecues. In that case, you will appreciate, for example, Leva’s folding table, stable enough for you to tenderize meat on it. Or flower pots with a designed drainage system. You can have fresh herbs for outdoor cooking literally at hand. Combining two or three Leva cubes, you can add on to the base e.g. a dining room. Complemented by a shading roof, Leva provides for the price of an umbrella all its benefits without the need for wind protection.                                                                                                                            

Companies are beginning to discover the beauty and benefits of outdoor offices . The possibility of changing the working environment and being in fresh air combine to increase productivity and a sense of satisfaction. Folding work desks, all kinds of partitions, and the possibility of roofing and furnishing with floors all make Leva a system from which you can assemble an office just about anywhere. Leva also serves atypical projects. In terms of the breadth of accessories, we’re on top of it. And we never cease being designers, so we’ll hear your wishes and incorporate them into new elements for Leva.

Leva as a play pen, Leva as a relaxation zone, Leva as a pergola, a kitchen, a dining room, an office. And what about Leva as an exhibition space? We tried it last year in Ostrava and it proved to be great. In the future, you can look forward to Leva - cinema, Leva with a lamella roof or wooden screens, with a wall of creeping vines, with a sandpit and much more.                                                         

Features and benefits of Leva

Leva is easy to assemble, stable and generally doesn't need to be anchored to the ground. It is made of highly resistant materials: structural beams are made of larch or acacia wood, with joints of galvanized steel given a powder-coat paint job, textile and mesh, as well as outdoor plywood; all materials are intended for outdoor use and are very easy to maintain.                                                        

Leva is minimalist. It is light, airy and functional.                                                                                 

Design by Luděk del Maschio + studio519

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