Many thanks to all who participated in the development and production of our products, helped with the organisation of all related events, wrote, too photographs, created… We would also like to thank all our partners, customers and… we'd be thanking ourselves to death. Therefore, a massive thanks to everyone! Have a beautiful and successful year in 2020!

Egoé - 2019 in 519

The year 2019 was largely marked by nostalgia. Important anniversaries and related events have triggered memories and reflections of recent years. Let us now recall the most important moments of the last year at Egoé.

Egoé move - Since the summer, we’ve been grinding our edges for a proper ski

We love to ski. Like for real. So, we are very happy that the whole Egoé move collection is dedicated to ski equipment. It must be acknowledged that we are enjoying it more and more, so last year our skis got off to an awesome start down the slope, and arc after arc are heading forward.

Hello Future!

This year's Designblok was dedicated to the future. Egoé move is about movement, so we prepared a unique showcase for this unique design exhibition that introduced visitors to the ski forest. There we let them look beneath our hands and into our heads. And what did our forest say to visitors? We really want to be outdoors, in nature, not only in the peace that it brings, but also in movement and speed.

A forest without deer would be…

Last year we introduced a lot of new products that expanded our brand portfolio to make winter fun more enjoyable. Apart from the addition of several types and colours of skis, a completely new category - poles - was created, because if the poles do not match the skis, it is of course a nightmare.

Moreover, we have added products for ski and recreation centres. The first is the ski stand Cabra, which also serves as a service stand and in summer as a bicycle stand. Antlers, which you saw at Designblok captured over sketches of human bodies we named Deer. It is a wall stand for seven pairs of skis. Ideally, of course the Egoé ski, obviously.

What will you try?

We have newly opened a rental facility! We understand that many people prefer to try skis before buying them, as they are something, we don't purchase every day. Now you can hire skis for your whole holiday and convince yourself that it will be worth it. But this service is not only for those who are considering buying. Unfortunately, many skiers are only able to engage in their favourite hobby once a year, so it is more and more common to hire professionally maintained and adjusted top-notch skis rather than them rusting and ageing in the cellar all season. So, we set up a rental and your problems are solved.

Egoé life - Since winter, we've been grinding our teeth with a knife for a proper barbecue

The sun disappeared from the horizon several hours ago. It's quiet outside. We sit in an outdoor chair comfortably as if the entire garden was a living room. The lasso shines just enough to allow us to read, and the fire slowly crackles. Time passes tonight exactly as we want it to…

This year we have achieved several successes, but the most important thing for us is the fact that our furniture is appearing in more and more places.


You either like to grill, roast or both. Whoever claims that they do not like preparing food on the fire is suspect. Okay, the suspect probably isn't, but we just can't get enough of it. Last year we organised several barbecues, worth mentioning is the workshop in Šumperk with Oliver Papo. The Back to fire collection, designed for us by the renowned designer Jiří Pelcl, has brought us a lot of joy. When a fire is crackling and there is positivity in the air, we are content.

Forest tested

During the year, we implemented the Outlook project, which consisted of our colleague, designer Dan, bringing various products to carefully selected locations throughout the country off his own back. You are strolling through the forest and suddenly come across a comfortable chair. Wow. So, sit down and enjoy life outside.

Some of the culmination of this project was our participation in Milano Design Week, when events were streamed live to Italy via The View of Křivoklátě, including the Tata Bojs concert and other happenings.

The chain is as strong as its weakest link. To make sure our chain is strong from start to finish, we had our furniture properly tested by the forest. We put various products under harsh conditions so that each material and technology chosen can prove that they have been appropriately selected and will withstand all. Stand the Test of Time! You can see for yourself in your own skin, that Egoé furniture is always waiting for you in various places that are well worth it. So, go on a hike, that's always a good idea.

The main thing is it really works

The goal of any designer is to use their products in practice to prove that they work. This year, many projects have been realised, and where our furniture is the main element. On the Egoé life website you will find the selected pieces. This is the best method to prove that everything works as it should when you see the products in a real environment.


Egoé nest - To home from a combi wagon. Finally!

Nestbox auto-builds, often supplemented with roof tents, provide an excellent form of travel for all adventurers for whom freedom and comfort are important, while at the same time like to surround themselves with quality design products.

We are pushing the boundaries

Making and a practical and high-quality camping car into vans and offroads was a huge challenge, but we have known for some time that climbing to this peak wasn't going to be enough for us. Our seemingly unreachable dream of converting a station wagon into a full-fledged camping car became a reality last year. Well, now you can have a home in an Octavia. Finally.

So, we're done. Now to get it amongst the people.

Throughout the year, we actively visited relevant fairs and worked to increase brand awareness. At the same time, we managed to close a large contract in South Korea with a company called Family Caravan and spread the joyous news to more and more countries that you can take your whole house, just like a snail in a fairy tale with you wherever you go.

If you are going to hire skis, you may as well hire a built-in too

Want to turn your car into a home, but feel you may not make the most of your own Nestbox? Just like with our sporting equipment, we have opened a hire service for you. Hire a built-in or even a roof tent and set out on an adventure. There's always something to discover!


Although big, we're still a family. All departments work closely together, the staff structure is intertwined, and we have the same goals - we want to live to the full in nature and be surrounded by quality, beautiful products. There are several projects that are linked through all our brands. And last year they were worth it.

Year 519

In September, we celebrated the first year of our magazine 519, which aims, among other things, to communicate the difficult-to-grasp uniqueness of the Bílovice complex and all the companies that are located there. It is hard to believe that the special Christmas edition was already the fifth magazine, bringing interesting articles on design and other topics, interviews with celebrities who have something to say, and uncovering world 519 - this phenomenon among the Slovákian fields. We strive to bring topics that transcend or inspire us not only in terms of design. We started the magazine at the end of 2018 and over the past year it has gradually become an important part of our company. Good luck in the new year, five hundred and nineteen!


We were quite relieved when the WiFič VEN festival was on for its second year! and it successfully jumped over the high boundaries of the WiFič pilot. The company premises shone in the spotlights, the Bílovice area was pumped up and really came to life from the driveways to the production halls. We have experienced excellent discussions, lectures, sports activities, concerts, slam poetry exhibition and parties. All throughout all of this we ate delicious gastro specialities and drank super drinks. However, we were by no means just a party, WiFič also included a professional conference with esteemed guests. The festival thus became a platform for exchanging opinions and experiences, a space for inspiration. We met with experts and the general public, our business partners, co-workers and employees to experience this unique at home event together and enrich each other, understand each other better, learn something and have fun just as it should be. It was well worth it, and we are already curious as to what will happen next year. Follow us on Facebook for details of the WiFič VEN festival so that in 2020 it will not slip between your fingers!


There's so much going on here, isn't there? And it’s difficult to even get the devil to make sense of it. A great photo really can say more than carefully chosen words, more so when we want to talk about design. For this reason, we have developed a seven-hundred-page catalogue that will systematically guide you through what is being created here. At the same time, when you see it all together, the “what” and “why” will float to the surface. Behind the creation of the catalogue is our "thought workshop" designcité+, a dream factory that invites you to dream with us.


Many thanks to all who participated in the development and production of our products, helped with the organisation of all related events, wrote, too photographs, created… We would also like to thank all our partners, customers and… we'd be thanking ourselves to death. Therefore, a massive thanks to everyone! Have a beautiful and successful year in 2020!