Czech design of products designated for life outside will adorn a new showroom in Polish Mazancovice near Bielsko-Biała from November.

Egoé Life is a collection of outdoor furniture for use at home, in cafe or restaurant gardens or in the outdoor office. The Egoé Nest transforms the car into a comfortable camping car by insertion of a camping assembly. And since the production of outdoor furniture through to car camping assembly, we have naturally completely, almost inevitably moved forward – yes, we moved – to the production of leisure and sports equipment, which is arranged by Egoé move.

The three divisions of the Egoé brand are based in the Czech Republic, in a small village – Bílovice, where everything begins with its own design, and continues through to the development and production of the final product. From November there will be a small piece of Bílovice in Poland.

After success in the Czech Republic and the opening of the Prague showroom, the design of the Egoé products resonated well at Polish trade fairs. That's why we have decided to move closer to our Polish customers. In the Polish region of Mazancovice we will create our first foreign showroom, where you can see and touch camping assemblies, design skis and, of course, the latest collection of outdoor furniture including the modular system Leva, which has celebrated great success at the Warsaw Home 2019 trade show.

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