Back to Fire collection wins international award

Our imaginary awards shelf is as of today sagging more since winning another award. The Back to Fire collection, designed for Egoé by significant designer Jiří Pelcl, impressed the judges of the BIG SEE WOOD AWARD 2019.

The barbecue season is being extended every year and we are increasingly returning to the good old days of barbecuing over the fire. You know, with blazing flames, everything's kind of better. Our grills and fireplaces combine acate wood and specially prepared stainless steel with a simple and functional design. Perhaps it was the purity of the design and the emphasis on practicality that this collection became one of the winners of this year's design competition, which aims to nineteen European countries.

We are extremely happy and we are looking forward to returning to the fire again next year. All you need is matches, a little wood and an old newspaper, and you can create that familiar, irreplaceable atmosphere.