The Moja armchair and the chairs of the Hope, Tina and Cora collections. These pieces are heading to HD Expo + Conference. May 2 – 4 in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas ! It is one of the most significant hospitality events where designers, architects and producers gather to see what spring 2023 has to offer. The products by Egoé will be displayed at the stand number 5719 of our partner Stillfried Wien.

Egoé life designs, manufactures and sells outdoor furniture. All products have one thing in common – sustainability at the highest level possible thanks to demure shapes that never age, anti-corrosive treatment, use of thermalised wood to replace tropical wood and the lowering of the carbon footprint.

The HD Expo has an ambition to create connections between architects, designers, manufacturers and operators. They work with 600+ product suppliers spanning 25+ categories and create a conference schedule that drives action and creativity as a path to a successful and sustainable business.

If you can't make it to the expo, you can find Egoé products in the showroom of Stillfried Wien - 1639 11th Street, Santa Monica, CA.