A coffee break at the petrol station, a biology class or a morning meeting. One would probably not rank these events as the highlight of the day. Yet there is a possibility to transform these routines into a pleasant experience – via the outdoor furniture and modular system of the Leva cubes. This year, many Egoé solutions occured at petrol stations, schools grounds and company terraces.

These are examples of customers who have started using our products since the beginning of this year – whether it be IN/OUT furniture, the Leva system or a combination of both. When it comes to the solutions provided to these companies, the most typical choices are terrace installations – sets of seating furniture and tables from the Barka and Moja collections. Both of the collections are constructed with materials - including fabrics and fillings - that are resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Energy recharging
It all started at the EuroOil petrol stations, with Shell and Mol joining this year. It became more common to recharge energy in petrol stations‘ relaxing zones, equiped with the Leva system. This is Public - designed for use in public spaces. The construction is characterised by high durability – the bottom frame is made of steel with a zinc coating and powder-coated paint. The beams are made of larch wood with a nano-coat.

Leva for schools
Schools invest in equipping their campuses with the ambition of creating outdoor classrooms, meeting points or space for active relaxation. All of that is provided for by the Leva system. The cubes can be combined. You can choose from different roof and wall designs, indoor equipment configurations and a vast range of accessories. Drawing boards and climbing walls have their place among them. This year, quite interesting realisations for the scholastic environment were delivered to schools in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.