• Architect: CMC Architects
  • Photographer: Julius Filip
  • Year: 2017

Terrace in multipurpose building.

On the site of one of the oldest engineering works in Prague called Rustonka, three new office buildings are planned of which so far only the first one has been completed. The investor, J&T Real Estate, decided to turn it into a showcase for the future complex.

Used products

Project details

Building the sample space also meant giving shape to the idea of a relaxation area on a large common terrace. To create a space of homogeneous design the architect opted for our Preva series furniture complemented with woody benches from our “elder sister” company, mmcité. Preva is modern, subdued and light, just like the architecture of the terrace. It echoes the prevailing horizontality of architectural elements, and the wood which visually dominates this furniture unobtrusively introduces nature into the structure of the space. The natural element is then accentuated by the grasses in outdoor planters. As a whole, it feels very peaceful and calm and invites you to sit down and take a rest. Preva is a furniture series of soft lines and generous proportions which is why it works well within the scale of the terrace. It is very durable and easy to maintain. Its shrewd and sophisticated design makes it furniture suitable for spaces with the highest quality requirements. At Rustonka we cooperated with Evžen Dub, an architect from CMC Architects studio.