• Architect: Ellement architects, Maršíková
  • Photographer: Jan Ryšavý

The interior of the company canteen in Kovárna Viva in Zlín, where employees are taken care of well.

At the forge Kovárna Viva in Zlín, they’ve always taken good care of their employees. And so last year, they approached the renowned Zlín studio Ellement to design the dining room interior for the entire forge complex

Used products

Project details

The company Viva made all-steel tables themselves, and it was up to us to supply them with suitable chairs. In Ellement, they chose Cora chairs, which, with their uncompromising design, perfectly complement the modern dining area with glass walls, dark floors and large-format photographs of production processes on the walls. However, everything here comes down to practicality: the light aluminum construction makes the Cora a chair that’s easy to handle, from three possible variants of the seat and backrest high-pressure laminate was chosen, which is the easiest to wash if work clothes leave smudges. The color of the furniture also adds to this: any smudges on anthracite armrests and seats disappear. In the dining room part however, the scheme is reversed: anthracite can be found on the construction, while the seats and armrests are red. In addition to reviving the monotony of the large dining room, the red seats are designed for diners wearing clean clothes. As with our Cora, utility and aesthetics are perfectly combined throughout the dining room, so the "echo" of the anthracite color can be found for example in the gray of load-bearing steel columns, aluminum window frames or even black radiators, whereas red resonates with wall paint with washbasins or door paint.