• Architect: Adam Horák
  • Photographer: Jan Ryšavý

The originally Dutch company De Heus decided to expand and renovate its headquarters in Bučovice.

Brno architect Adam Horák transformed the administrative building for them, giving the employee dining room a new outdoor terrace as part of the modifications.

Used products

Project details

Horák's modern and civil concept of the office building, which is not afraid to use natural materials, made it possible to turn the terrace into a very pleasant, relaxing place. Our tables and chairs from the Cora series underscored the concept of connection with nature even in working life. It is furniture in which practicality does not detract from contemporary design. In the variant chosen here, where the aluminum structure is complemented by wooden seats, armrests and tabletop, it spreads warmth and comfort, on which the wooden surface of the terrace and the shading structure are based, not to mention the grill located in the middle of the terrace as a tribute to sitting around a natural firepit. The tables were chosen in a shorter variant (1,200 mm), in which they perfectly meet the requirements for the capacity of the dining room.