• Architect: Kyzlink
  • Photographer: Jan Ryšavý

The furnishing of the terrace with Axis and Cora chairs in cooperation with the Kyzlink architects of Brno.

The Brno shopping gallery Vaňkovka is unique in its architecture: it is created from 19th-century renovated factory buildings. In one of the wings of the original factory, there is also a fast food restaurant, which was equipped with a common outdoor terrace last year.

Used products

Project details

Thanks to their generous dimensions, eight Axis chairs offer comfort that we associate more with armchairs. The simple yet distinctive structure formed by wooden slats looks modern while superbly harmonizing with the structure of the historical brick walls. Cora chairs are both universal and modern, with a highly successful, inconspicuous design, which in a wooden design suitably complements both the Axis chair and the material of the terrace itself. The high-quality, uncompromising design keeps its feet on the ground, and, thanks to this, it fits in perfectly beside other styles found on the terrace.