• Architect: GL studio
  • Photographer: Jan Ryšavý

In the Prague Zoo, you will find many places where you can eat and refresh yourself. You will definitely not miss the Gaston restaurant, located under the cable car, close to the attractive pavilions of big cats, turtles and gorillas.

The restaurant is in the center of the action, the main place for visitors to meet and relax. After recent renovation and completion, it is also an architecturally intriguing building. Last year, the Prague company G.L. architects undertook the task of designing the appearance and interior furnishing of the restaurant as well as the outdoor terrace. We won the tender to supply the outdoor furniture, and we took great pleasure in seeing to the sheer comfort of the garden visitors

Used products

Project details

The 230-seat capacity was a challenge that some of our series are made for. Cora tables in two designs, square and rectangular, are complemented by either armless Cora chairs or Bistrot benches, which suit the elongated tables perfectly. Both Cora and Bistrot are series that are characterised by a contemporary design with a very disarming character. They are practical and versatile in appearance, but the quality of design and execution makes them a worthy partner for almost any space. The seats, armrests and table tops of all pieces are made of solid wood to match in style both the natural character of their surroundings and the architecture of the restaurant.