• Architect: Ateliér Tetris, mmcité2
  • Photographer: Julius Filip
  • Year: 2019

When things work exactly as you imagined from the very beginning.

Our Leva cubes, along with other Egoé life products, have found their place on one of the roofs of the Slovak capital. The furniture we created serves as outdoor seating in Lenovo headquarters in Bratislava.

Used products

Five Leva cubes with waterproof roofs and solid screens form the cornerstone of the project. We originally developed Leva as an outdoor office. The intention was to allow white collars to work in an inspiring open-air environment while keeping a sense of cosiness, privacy and peace. Since we started selling it, it has been used as an outdoor game room, a bedroom, a living room and a showroom. Both we and our client are now happy to say that it works just as well as an office or an informal meeting room that could be taken, just like we originally intended.

Leva cubes can be combined and arranged to suit the given spatial conditions and user needs. The Leva cubes in Bratislava are furnished with Cora chairs and tables, which create a pleasant and unconventional working environment together with Bistrot benches and tables. Moreover, the space is divided by Mario screens in several places. We hear that such environments give you a wholly different working experience.