• Architect: designcité+
  • Photographer: Julius Filip
  • Year: 2019

There are dozens of companies in the BB Centrum (Centre) area and around 12 000 employees daily work here.

Brumlovka Square is part of the BB Centre and those who are lucky to be working here can enjoy the comfort of an outdoor office.

Used products

It is created by joining six Leva cubes, shaded by white Sio-Line mesh. The individual cubes are separated from each other by white flexible clamps (rubber cords) so that the feeling of separate spaces is created while at the same time, a certain openness and airiness are maintained. This is appreciated by those who come here to gather fresh wind in their sails, for a change from the classic closed four walls and the air from the air conditioning. Leva's construction also includes work tables, around which you can sit on Cora chairs. The furniture of the Cora series is also located in other places of the BB Centrum complex, so that it mentally and visually forms the bonding material of the diverse complex. In addition, you can rest in the Levas on the Moja couch for three and work by the stylish, colored Spulka tables.